In developing and designing the look of a film, we often partner with a director or marketer to help them see the images they seek to create.  We craft spectacular visuals that support story and are often developed in tandem with the narrative.

THE GATEKEEPERS Oscar nominated documentary feature film

LALINE – An architectural virtual design

LEUMI DIGITAL – Visual Development for multi gaming look-alike environments

geronimo’s role starts at the treatment stage. We collaborate throughout the project, working from the early stages of conception through storyboarding, production, art direction, motion graphics and visual effects.

VOLKSWAGEN – Design, animation and direction

SAMSUNG – Design, animation and direction

ALFA ROMEO – Design, animation and direction

geronimo is an artist-driven visual effects company where a passion for outstanding visual effects reigns supreme. Combining live-action footage and digital 3D assets, we craft convincing imagery and compelling experiences that entertain and engage audiences.

HISH GAD – Visual effects for the Israel National Lottery’s leading game

THE VOICE – Visual effects for the popular reality television singing competition

A.I.G. – Visual effects for the leading international insurance company, serving customers in more than 100 countries

We approach each project as a unique challenge requiring a distinctive approach. We create and animate full CG characters from concept to reality, breathing life into the seeds of an idea.

DOUBLE-PASS MONDIAL – Character design, animation and compositing for Israel’s Sports Betting Organization

SAN BENEDETO – Directing, design, animation and compositing

LOTUS – Character animation and compositing